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Sep 29, 2012 2:15pm EDT
it was an extraordinary visit would against nixon by times which only one of the person in history of the united states could you give of for or against five times, franklin delano roosevelt. he could vote on the national ticket five times. so if you're in a national audience watching on -- watching on c-span to come to the nixon library. here's my presidential trivia. there are only four colleges in the united states which have graduated presidents and starting quarterbacks in the super bowl. what are those? so good thinking right now. i'll give you the easiest one of wall. the united states naval academy. jimmy carter. that's pretty easy. the university of michigan which i already mentioned, gerald ford and some pretty. of course the starting quarterback for the navy was roger stop back. and if you think, california, it's pretty easy to come up with stanford for much harder graduated and promote jim and john denver graduated, but starting quarterback in the super bowl. then last one is really hard but have given you a clue. have already said his last name. benjamin harrison who matriculated at miami
Sep 22, 2012 3:00pm EDT
generation face nothing comparable to that of lawmakers in the mid-19th mid-19th century as the united states was on the bring of breaking apart, and the book that we're about to hear about, america's great debate,tles the story of the compromise of 1850, which helped to resolve at least for a while, the conflict over how to bring the vast mexican territory into the united states. the reviewer who did this review for the washington post happened to be don graham, the chairman of the washington post company, who is a student of history. he called this book original in concept and stylish in execution. the compromise that mr. bordewich will tell us about resulted from some of the most creative legislating that the country has ever seen, although mr. bordewich will be quick to point out that the compromise was also deeply flawed. but it did prevent an earlier breakup of the union. this is also a story that includes a magnificent cast of characters. befitting the epic struggles that played out during the course of the great debate. this is the third work be fergus bordewich which explores how sla
Sep 9, 2012 12:00am EDT
was then president of yale university, said the united states has quote offended providence because we formed our constitution without any acknowledgment of god unquote and yet in spite of this overwhelming historical evidence the founders did indeed strive for that separation that thomas jefferson spoke of. most religious right leaders today continue to mock the very concept of a secular state. as the rc at -- ozzie and harriet world, the more religious right extremists have become more and more shrill about the cultural changes that have taken place over the past few decades and that will surely continue and their increasing contempt for social tolerance and personal liberty which are really hallmarks of a limited government they profess to believe in indicates i think that they're no longer reliable partners are allies for those republicans and conservatives who actually do believe in limited government and individual rights. i think the so-called three-legged stool symbolizing the republican, the traditional republican coalition made up of economic conservatives, national conservatives and so
Sep 29, 2012 3:30pm EDT
looking at the department of agriculture statistics, 6 million people in the united states of america who have only food stamps for income, only food stamps, astonishing. a third of the poverty line, $6,000 for a family of three. that's the story. far worse than it was 12 years ago. third thinghat we have to have on the disable. the major parse of the story is race. of course, race is a major part of the story. there's two things to keep in mind about that because it is well to remember, especially for political reasons in frying to accomplish things that the largest number of people in the country who are poor are white. and stands to reason it doesn't stand politically, but stands to reason, okay, if you make food stamps vail, if you make any benefit you want more adequate, it helps more white people than people of color. okay. full stop on that. other side of it is 27% poverty, african-american, latino, native american 10% white poverty. it's a picture that we know except we don't talk about it very much. i always say that the most dangerous place in america is the intersection between
Sep 15, 2012 2:00pm EDT
and les rigist religiou activism in the united states based on a dressferent interpretation what the bible commands. the national council of churches has existed for 60 years and has advocated modern welfare state as an ethis imple, perfect ethi of service to others. the catholic left as a rich history of this activis modern environmental movement is fond of askintheyrhetorically wt would jesus drive. time christian principles to environmental activisits green economy so there is no shortage of political movements across the spectrum trying to run other people's lives. one thing they all have in common is justifying their respective agendas on the basis of biblical not this in my view is precisely why poe need to keep organized religion as far from the halls of congress as possible. another fshororite chl soter i review is chapter 5, the tea party nation anti-gay. most of the media will automatically answer yes or hell mands and the reality is that t party is a more complex and diverse movement and many ot it is emphatically not a mirror image of the christian rigy an although there is of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5